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We are committed to simplify your digital transformation

IntersectIQ is the digital transformation brand that will help your organization to reinvent itself and achieve sustainable relevance along with competitive positioning in the short term and in the long run.

As Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, put it, “When the rate of change outside the company is greater than the rate of change inside, the end is near”. For a company to become intrinsically disruptive, a sound strategy, flawless execution, which is managed well, is a key component. We have seen in our own experiences that mere introduction of technology and fragmented digital initiatives do not translate into the board's objective of enterprise transformation. According to numerous market researches, only less than 20% of organizations are getting digital transformations right but these digitally transformed organizations can deliver twice as fast as other organizations, cut OpEx by over ~30%, and have seen near-immediate doubling of brand value.

   “When Digital Transformation Is Done Right, It’s Like A Caterpillar Turning Into A Butterfly, But When Done    Wrong, All You Have Is A Really Fast Caterpillar”

    - George Westerman | Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative On Digital Economy

Why choose us

Our team, with their wealth of experience and digital expertise, work with customers right from the digital visioning all the way to the realization, addressing the overarching goals of solving both short term objectives and long-term vision. By leveraging a Lean startup methodology, a true entrepreneurial attitude, and the iterative approach through Agile,, we help transform your organization to achieve maximum momentum and growth.


Who we are

IntersectIQ is committed to unlocking latent value of the organizations through the convergence of forces of business and disruptive technology. We look to digitally transform businesses. We enable companies through trusted advisory and disruptive innovation. We assist in business processes reengineering to drive operational efficiencies. We bring best practices to solve problems in newer industries.

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