Opportunities in AI, Platforms and Innovation



Product Development: UI Development

Passionate about User Experience development with strong programming skills in HTML5/Angular/ReactJS/Swift/Flutter and related technologies


Product Development: API

Experienced product engineers with strong expertise in building state-of-the-art cloud-native technologies such as NodeJS with modern database technologies.


Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Great mathematicians minds with strong AI programming skills with advanced ML/DL technologies such as ANN, RNN, CNN, Image Processing, Segmetation, Transformers, Tensorflow, Computer Vision on real time data, OpenCV, Backpropagation


AI/ML:  Data Engineering

If you are excited about the magic of data which is the prime factor for success of large scale AI deployments, then we want to hear from you, and we call them as data engineers.


MLOps & DevOps Automation

If you are experienced in DevOps techniques and has passion for MLOps, then we want to hear from you. You will use a range of tools and technologies such as Docker, K8S, Terraform, Shell, YAML, MLFlow and other advanced automation techniques and much more.

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